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Really trying to get book 5 done but it’ll be down to the wire this time! It’s my own fault of course, I took a few months break after book 4 and was distracted easily this time round. Going to try my best though!

Review of Oi Oi Oi! Second Edition

Review of Oi Oi Oi! Second Edition

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Hah, Seven #5 – a short glimpse into my fear and revulsion at the thought of the birthing process.

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This turned out super cute (*・艸・)

Did this sketch a while back before the writers started sailing the Fetch Ship, I was really liking the way these two interacted and that Dutch was an interesting character not attached romantically to a male lead. I’m still kind of hopeful this ship will stall (I love both, but it was just so nice to have a non-romantically available female lead character, you know?) but if it doesn’t I’ll just sigh and go back to writing my own BAMF ladies, I guess.

I just wish a little they’d have super cool friendship adventures like this! Save the bread and balogna!

Yay done with the colours for Clo!

I had scripted Dopplerganger out as 12 pages but with the panel work I want to do it might turn out more, gah! Means I need to work out thumbs before I submit!

REALLY happy with how these came out, I was using the wrong paper for it so didn’t do the push pattern I did for Snare with the background but I think it still came out really well! Love Eki’s colours, she’s all no nonsense and solid defence.

Eki is one of the characters for Dopplerganger, what I think is a mini but might turn out longer with the panel structure I have in mind. I want to submit it to Spike’s New World anthology, but if it doesn’t make it I’ll print myself!

OH MY GOSH IT ARRIVED! Internal screaming mode set to max, what an awesome thing to wake up to on a beautiful Sunday morning!


Practice! I want to have both characters in the mini I’m planning next to be WOC so trying to make sure I have practice, even if it will be in black and white.

Bosslady. Bought myself a new work skirt so felt the need to draw the one I’d really love but will probably never find!