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Suspicious Vasiliy Fet! Love the range Kevin Durand has, such an amazing character actor. #vasiliyfet #kevindurand #thestrain

Working on my stylin, I think I’m finding Vasiliy Fet more interesting than any other character (is that obvious?)! #vasiliyfet #kevindurand #thestrain

Trying expressions with Vasiliy Fet (not quite there though?) #vasiliyfet #thestrain #kevindurand

Not 100% but playing with tones #copic #vasiliyfet #thestrain #kevindurand #aceo #atc

So I might do a little fanzine? #thestrain #vasiliyfet #kevindurand #defeatadmitted


This is the new comic I’ll be debuting at SPX 2014! The first issue of an ongoing series about a magical girl named Milly. You can pick up a copy at SPX or if you can’t make it to the show, you can pre-order a copy from the Space Pyrates store! Pre-orders will be shipped out after SPX. And you save on shipping if you pre-order Matt’s new book AML at the same time!



Mike Rivers: You will go there first and you will be on your best behavior. Got it?
Vasiliy Fet: I’ll wear my top hat and monocle.

Vasiliy Fet is my favourite Strain character so far

My period lady. Not sure exactly what era she’s from though – Victorian? Got a bit carried away with the tones around her eyes but it was nice to work in subtle colours!

Simple shapes, simple colours. Sumi sure is tricky to get a consistent black down in though without saturating the paper. Gotta practice!

Just some practice with moving water ~ was originally going to throw reds in but I think it works well like this!