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OMG you guys super special news Exhibitor registrations for Minicomicon are open and if you’ll be in Brisbane on the 28th with some minicomics you should totally apply, it’s going to be awesome! Plus it’s a refundable table fee, so as long as you show up on the day it’s free!

Apply here!

I’ll also be at the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle this week, WOOO! I’m on a panel on Friday (4pm) called Fucking while Feminist which is pretty great considering it’s a topic reasonably close to my heart. I’ll also be at the TiNA Zine Fair on Sunday, with Seven, all my minicomics and the new I’ll Wear My Top Hat and Monocle Vasiliy Fet fanzine!

So come by and see me, yeah?!

eeeeeee making flyers!

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Not sure what I’m thinking of doing with these two, maybe a future minicomic? Height difference stuff can be super cute (though in reality super awkward) #sketch

PHEW I finally finished assembling the Vasiliy fanzine and updated my store with all the new prints and a bunch of originals!

I won’t be selling the fanzine directly BUT if you buy anything from my store (minicomics are a great pick WINK) and write FET in the buyer’s comments I’ll put one in with a super cute NOPE sticker for free <3. If you’re going to be in the Newcastle area next weekend I’ll be doing the same in person too, at the Young Writer’s Festival/TiNA Zine Fair!

Really excited about the new prints too, they came out amazing!

My store <3

Trying to play with more subtle tones instead of my usual OMG bright colours. Sometimes it feels like just using bright tones isn’t good practice or conducive to getting better so it feels good to change it up!

Sketch sketch going on leave soon to go to the National Young Writers Festival and TiNA for the first time so excited! #sketch #aceo #atc